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Use any input type and input device to amplify your brand's message.



Amplify your brand's message through user-generated content.



Use built-in analytics to measure your ROI and reward your fans.

Our amazing tools make every challenge easy

Video Challenges

Video challenges

Gather, spread and track homemade and delicious video content from your dearest fans through any device.

Picture Challenges

Picture challenges

A picture says a thousand words. Authentic pictures of your fans show the complete brand experience.

Audio Challenges

Audio challenges

Work with the voice of your customer and make them announcers for your brand's message.

Speech Bubble Challenges

Speech bubble challenges

Add new context around your brand's imagery, by leveraging the creativity of your fans.

Testimonial Challenges

Testimonial challenges

Authentic multimedia testimonials about your brand. Create brand ambassadors from your customers through authentic multimedia testimonials.

Media Quiz Challenges

Media quiz challenges

Any media question can be answered through user-generated media responses. Next generation quizzes.

Sweepstakes Challenges

Sweepstakes challenges

Let your fans win your stuff by entering your creative multimedia sweepstakes.

Card Creator Challenges

Card creator challenges

Let your fans become the real stars through personalized and funny cards.

Excerpt from the Holy BuboBox Case Study Book

Ben&Jerry's Logo

Chunks for a change

By using our iPad application or any other mobile device really, hundreds of B&J fans shouted their video entries onto the official B&J Facebook page.

By shouting for chunks on different summer festivals, the winners who created the most social buzz for B&J, and acted like true ambassadors.

They could travel with 15 fans, building a great case for the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Ready to challenge your fans?